Player Actions

My Ticket

On the main screen, you can easily view all your purchased tickets. In case of a win, this panel will highlight the winning tickets and display the winnings.

Random Selection Button

By simply pressing the "Random Selection" button, you will receive five random animals.

Save Button

Press this button to save your current selection and easily repurchase it in the "Pre-Bet" section.

Bet Placement Buttons

These buttons control all player betting actions. They have several states:

Buy Ticket



In this section, you can create your own preset ticket by clicking "New Ticket" or use a previously saved one.

Please note that you can store up to five tickets in this section.

After adding a ticket to the "Pre-Bet" section, you can select it by clicking on it. There is also an option to choose from multiple options. To complete the purchase, simply click the "Buy" button.