Bet Panel

Main panel

Betting Controls:

Reduce Bet Amount: Instantly reduce your current bet to half by simply clicking the mouse. This feature adds flexibility and allows you to adjust your bet size according to your strategy or risk level.

Double Bet Amount: Instantly increase your current bet by 100%. This option is perfect for those who want to raise their bets and maximize potential winnings.

Place Bet: Once you have entered the desired bet amount in the field, click this button to confirm and place your bet.

"Crash Points"

Random Selection Button: This button allows players to randomly select animals for their tickets. It adds an element of surprise and unpredictability as the selection is made automatically by the system.

Save Button: With the "Save" button, players can save the animals they have chosen for their ticket, allowing them to quickly choose the same group of animals again in the future without selecting them individually each time.

"My Tickets" Button: The "My Tickets" button allows players to view all the tickets they have purchased for the current round. This helps track their choices and purchased tickets.

Pre-bet Button: This feature is designed for experienced players who wish to plan in advance. It allows players to pre-configure their tickets or edit saved ones, similar to setting up pre-settings. This can be convenient for implementing strategies or quickly loading preferred animal combinations.

Your Ticket: In the "Your Ticket" section, you can view the animals you have chosen for each ticket. By clicking on any of the animals, you can remove them from your ticket.

Extra Panel

This tab provides a list of active players and their current bets. This section offers a comprehensive overview of the gaming audience, including those who are actively participating in the game or betting system. With this information, you can track the activity of each player, analyze their strategies, and assess the current state of the gaming or gambling session. This tool is useful for monitoring player engagement and analyzing the overall dynamics of the gaming environment. Ultimately, it helps in gaining a better understanding of the players and their impact on the overall gaming atmosphere.

Additional panel