About Jogo do Bicho

Jogo do Bicho

In the heart of Brazil lies an extraordinary gambling tradition known as 'Jogo do Bicho,' which translates from Portuguese to 'The Animal Game.' This captivating and enigmatic lottery captures the attention of millions of Brazilians, despite its ambiguous status in the realm of gambling.

The game of 'Jogo do Bicho' has its roots in the distant past and stands out as something unique among the world's gambling diversions. It involves 25 different animals, each assigned a four-digit number. Players place bets on which animal will be drawn in the daily lottery. Depending on the chosen animal and the type of bet, players can win varying sums of money.

One of the unique aspects of 'Jogo do Bicho' is that the game is primarily conducted through informal networks and gambling establishments known as 'bancas.' These places have become true social hubs where players gather, share their strategies, and watch the animals in the hope of a stroke of luck.

Nevertheless, it's worth noting that the legal status of 'Jogo do Bicho' in Brazilian legislation remains ambiguous. Despite this, the game continues to be popular throughout the country, attracting both regular enthusiasts and newcomers eager to test their luck.

It should be emphasized that 'Jogo do Bicho' is not just a gambling game; it is a part of Brazil's cultural heritage. Its uniqueness and mystique make it incredibly appealing to those seeking more than just a chance to win money. This game represents a captivating journey into the world of chance, mystery, and excitement, and it continues to capture the hearts and minds of players all across the nation."

Jogo do Bicho animals

Animal Numbers

Avestruz (Ostrich) - 01 to 05

Águia (Eagle) - 06 to 10

Burro (Donkey) - 11 to 15

Borboleta (Butterfly) - 16 to 20

Cachorro (Dog) - 21 to 25

Cabra (Goat) - 26 to 30

Carneiro (Ram) - 31 to 35

Camelo (Camel) - 36 to 40

Cobra (Snake) - 41 to 45

Coelho (Rabbit) - 46 to 50

Cavalo (Horse) - 51 to 55

Elefante (Elephant) - 56 to 60

Galo (Rooster) - 61 to 65

Gato (Cat) - 66 to 70

Jacaré (Alligator) - 71 to 75

Leão (Lion) - 76 to 80

Macaco (Monkey) - 81 to 85

Porco (Pig) - 86 to 90

Pavão (Peacock) - 91 to 95

Peru (Turkey) - 96 to 00