Game Board

The gaming field consists of images of various animals inserted into frames.


Images of animals and their corresponding numbers. Click on any animal to select it.

Status Badge

Displays the current status of placed be...

Player Actions

My Ticket

On the main screen, you can easily view all your purchased tickets. In case of a win, this panel will highlight the winning tickets and display the winnings.

Random Selection Button

By simply pressing the "Random Selectio...


Announcement of Winners

After the 30-second buying period comes to an end, we move on to the drawing phase. The winning animals are displayed one by one, allowing you to find out if your tickets are winners. If your ticket includes at least one ...

Win Rate Guide

This page is intended solely to help players understand how the percentage of winnings is calculated in the game. The different colors used on this page serve as a tool to indicate the correctness or incorrectness of the choices.

Green Color: In...