Game details


In the world of the Jogo do Bicho game, each round is carefully and meticulously conducted within a strict one-minute time frame, creating an atmosphere of instant excitement and incredible emotions. During this brief period, the lucky winners of the round are magically determined, adding drama and passion to the game.

In the course of a one-minute round, the winning number is randomly selected, ensuring a fair and objective outcome. The drawing takes place at specified times, usually during the day or evening, providing players with a specific window to participate in the game and test their luck.

Upon the conclusion of the round, players eagerly await the results, holding their breath.


Participants in Jogo do Bicho immerse themselves in the thrill, choosing an animal that they believe will be selected in the daily lottery. Among the wide range of options, from majestic lions and eagles to more exotic choices like ostriches and peacocks, players can make their selections based on personal preferences or lucky associations.

After the round is completed, the results are instantly announced, revealing the winning number and the corresponding animal. This instant disclosure allows players to experience the joy of victory or the anticipation of the next round and another chance to try their luck.


Given that each round is conducted within one minute, Jogo do Bicho offers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. This time constraint adds a special intrigue to the game and creates a sense of urgency among players, making every moment significant as they make their choices and await the outcome.

How To Play


"Jogo do Bicho" is a popular lottery game that first originated in Brazil. This game is known for its simplicity and unique charm. The game board features various animal images.

To participate in "Jogo do Bicho," participants place bets on one or multiple animals and predict which ones will be declared as winners.


Once all bets are placed, a random drawing takes place to determine the winning animals, which in turn determines the winners of that round.

If a player's bet matches the animals declared as winners, they win the round, and their winnings are added to their inventory.

It is also essential to choose the correct order of animals, as the right order selection can lead to larger prizes.


General rules:

Players must be over 18 years old.

The minimum bet amount is 1 unit, but this may vary.

We recommend that players set time and deposit limits.

The countdown continues for 20 seconds.

Bidding is closed 2 seconds before the start of the round. This creates an atmosphere of fast and thrilling anticipation, making the game even more exciting.